About the Digital Learning Initiative

The Digital Learning Initiative integrates three essential elements to support innovation and access for teaching and learning by leveraging efforts across campus and beyond. Successful teaching and learning at Berkeley is enhanced and amplified by the collaboration of partners.  The Digital Learning Initiative takes advantage of these strong partnerships in thoughtful, innovative and meaningful ways.

Digital Pedagogy

Focusing on building digital learning capacity, community and experience, we use effective learning strategies and digital tools to improve teaching and learning for in-person, blended, hybrid, and fully online courses. This focus ensures efforts for undergraduate courses, Graduate Degree Programs and Certificate Programs are mission-aligned and revenue generating or sustainable.

Partnerships include:

Digital Content

Creating and curating high-quality, cost-effective, accessible, and portable digital content for both mission-aligned and revenue generating channels of delivery is essential to the initiative. Content types can include but aren’t limited to video and podcasts lecture segments, online modules, simulations, visualizations, open educational resources, publisher content, ePortfolios, and student created digital artifacts to name a few.

Partnerships include:

Digital Learning Analytics

Developing our capacity to apply analysis and engage in the appropriate use of learning data can inform student success and interventions, course design and content development, and Berkeley's support services. Collaboratively we are exploring how the use of learning analytics data in program evaluation and in support of Teaching and Learning scholarship can benefit teaching, learning and research.

Partnerships include: