Digital Learning Innovation Grant

Call for Proposals

Open to

UC Berkeley faculty and instructors who have a desire to implement digital activities, assignments, student projects, or learning content in their curriculum. Grant awards are in the form of time and talent from the digital learning and digital media experts at Digital Learning Services.

While this grant is not designed for fully online or hybrid course creation, these opportunities do exist outside of this grant. Please contact or for more information on fully online and hyrid course opportunities. Impacted and breadth courses are great candidates for online learning.

Grant Objectives

Build faculty experience and digital learning capacity using effective learning strategies, modular and transferable digital assets, and digitally integrated assignments and activities to

  • improve teaching and learning outcomes and engagement by transforming elements of in person courses.
  • gain access to a community of colleagues exploring digital learning in their courses and departments.
  • explore time and cost savings to instructors and students.

What You Get

  • Digital Learning Expert Design and Production Support: For learning design, technical implementation and digital content production, you will be paired with a Digital Learning Specialist to design, develop and produce your activities and a Digital Media Specialist to produce digital media content. We will collaborate with and support you throughout the process!
  • Digitized Module, Week, Lesson or Complex Concept: Digital Learning Services team will collaborate with faculty and instructors to produce content which can include digital media lecture segments (podcasts, video, voice over ppt/graphics or multimedia), student activities/projects, and/or assessments that incorporate effective learning strategies.
  • Digital Content Accessibility Support: Digital Learning Services team will provide support around the creation of accessible and affordable content for learners.

Expectations of Grantees

  • Showcase: Faculty and instructors will be asked to present at conferences and symposiums such as STIR and on the web.
  • Time: Faculty should expect to spend 20 - 40 hours of design and development time as content experts over the course of the year.


  • applications accepted on a rolling basis and as resource bandwidth allows

How to Apply